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Frequently asked questions

We are using premium quality lavender from provence. All our dry lavender and essential oil are sourced from local farmers in France.

Lavender bouquet

Yes you can. However, all our bouquets are mainly made for a decoration purpose. If you are looking for a strong lavender smell, we are suggesting to use our lavender sachet or essential oil.

They are extremely beautiful and it will be a nice touch to decorate any room. 

As long as you don’t add water or expose it to direct strong sunlight, you can keep the bouquet for years.

It’s the easy part, as soon as you have it you don’t need to worry about it. It’s already dry!

All our lavender bouquets are hand made in Vancouver and Ottawa.


Those sachets are filled with dry lavender flowers only. The more you touch/squeeze it the more it’ll smell Lavender. Use it in your drawers, winter storage, inside your suits, into your pillow case, in your car and the list goes on. 

They last for years. A simple squeeze will reveal the smell again and again.


We are still looking to open a store front. However you can physically meet us at the corner of Granville St and W Pender most of the year.

All our products are available online all year long. You can also come and meet us downtown Vancouver or by the Byward market in Ottawa.


We currently ship to Canada and the United States.f the year.

We provide FREE delivery in Vancouver for a minimum order of $75. 

Free shipping for orders above $150
There is a flat fee of $15 for all other orders.


Yes, we can provide you with more information about it. Please contact us.

Essential oil

All our products are from Provence, FRANCE.

Yes, our oils are 100% pure. No component of any kind has been added.

Therapeutic grade is not an industry standard. We prefer to speak about the quality of our products.

All differences are detailed on the website. They are extracted from different varieties of Lavender plants. Their smell is unique and will help you in different ways.

Yes, we suggest LA VRAIE lavender essential oil to use for cooking. We suggest to use one or two drop of essential oils as it is a strong/powerful scent 

The culinary lavender is also another way for you to cook with Lavender.

The first thing we would suggest doing is to check it with your vet.
Majority of animals are ok around essential oil.
If you decide to turn on your diffuser, we suggest using one to five drops approximately.

The best thing to do before using essential oils is chat with your doctor. In a diffuser we recommend using small amount when pregnant (one to five drops) but your doctor will know best as we all react differently.

Culinary Lavender

There are different uses of lavender in food preparation. It can be used for cocktails, cooking/baking, tea, syrups.

Our culinary lavender is certified 100% organic. It has been cultivated and harvested with the only purpose of cooking with it.