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Why choose lavender for your wedding?

Natural decorations embodied by rustic and country styles, have seen a boost in popularity lately. Dried flower bouquets are really trendy, especially for the bohemian style bridal bouquet. Other types of flowers and branches have traditionally been used for these bouquets, but lately brides have increasingly opted for lavender bouquets.


Besides its beautiful color, lavender is said to bring good luck and is also a symbol of love and
devotion, making it a particularly meaningful flower to include in your wedding decor. Not to
mention that lavender also has calming properties, which could be very useful to take away some
of the nerves you can experience on your special day!


Lavender is easily adaptable and has the quality to integrate wonderfully into all types of spaces.
It creates a unique atmosphere for a wedding, especially if the celebration takes place during the day, in the open-air, or in a rustic or vintage chic environment. And finally, it gives off a wonderful fragrance!


Here are some of the ways in which you can use our lavender during your wedding:

  • Wedding Aisle – Your flower girls can throw some dried lavender buds while walking
    down the aisle. As the bridesmaids follow and step on the lavender, the buds release an amazing aroma.
  • Ring Bearer’s Pillow – Add lavender buds to the ring bearer’s pillow for a classic look. You will catch the calming fragrance as the ring bearer hands over the pillow during the ring ceremony.
  • Chair Decor – Tie bouquets of dried lavender and place on every row or pew at your ceremony. Alternatively, add bunches to the floral arrangements around the venue.
  • Bridal bouquet – It will give your bouquet a timeless look and you will be able to keep the lavender bouquet long after the wedding as an everlasting souvenir of your day. Don’t forget to include some in the bridesmaids’ bouquets too so all of you can enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender while holding your bouquet.
  • Wedding Toss – As an alternative to rice or confetti, you can opt for a floral touch by having your guests shower you with lavender buds as you exit the ceremony.
  • Gifts for the guests – You can have some mini bouquets or sachets made to be given as wedding favors.
  • Place Cards – Add a classic look to your table arrangements by putting a small lavender sprig or sachet in each place card.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to create something unique and personal for your special event.